Washing bottle

Our washing bottles ar designed for cleaning gases. As standard, the washing bottle is filled with water (recomended is distilled water). The gas to be flushed flows through the gas inlet of the bubbler to the bottom of the tank and rises through the water to the gas outlet. This way you can wash out dust particles and water-soluble components of the gas (e.g. sulfuric acid). The wash bottle can also be filled with other liquids to wash out various gas components. A common application for example is, filling the washing bottle with gasoline for removing hydrocarbons or with sulfuric acis to dissolve the water content in the sample gas. When filling the washing bottle with sulfuric acid, there may be an initial dewpoint of below -70°C. The wash bottle has a capacity of 2 l and can easily be emptied via a drain cock. On customer’s requiest, a float switch can control the level of the bottle. A wall mounting bracket can be supplied. Usually bottles are of PVDF aand FPM, stainless steel or alloy steel versions can also be supplied. We offer also mouth-blown washing bottles.