NitroSave - EC9500 & ZR8500

NitroSave analyzers are measuring devices, which will help your system to save inert gas and by this costs. These devices offer an internal control with which a valve can be controlled. The used Fuzzy Logic Algorithm regulates the O² content of your plant to the set target value. By this, always sufficient inert gas will be fed to your system, but no gas is wasted. The NitroSave analyzers are based on the oxygen analyzers of series EC900 or ZR800 and can control proportional valves and mass flow meters.

The NitroSave series is used whereever high costs are caused by the consumption of inert gas, such as  nitrogen or argon.

Inertgas Regelung Gasmessung Nitrosave

Nitrosave gs monitor versions

This feature regulates the addition of inert gas, in case the oxygencontent is to be in the percentage range. The EC9510 is insensitive against short-time oxygen concentrations that are outside the normal control range.

  • Control range: >0,5…21% O²
  • Cell lifetime : average >3 years

The EC9513 is an electrochemical oxygen analyzer, that can withstand longer system downtimes without increased cell consumption. Control is possible within the trace range or percentage range.

  • Control range: >0,1 ppm … 21% O²
  • Cell lifetime: average >4 years

The ZR8510is a percent and trace level analyzer. Due to the ceramic sensor, this analyzer can react very quickly to unexpected changes in the gas atmosphere.

  • Control range: >0,1 ppm … 21% O²
  • Cell lifetime: average >7 years
  • Proportional valves
  • Mass Flow Controler
  • Cells insensitive against hydrogen (only for EC9510 andEC9513)
  • Filters
  • Pumps
  • Bypass
  • Mounting accessories

Gas monitor Nitrosave advantages

Benefits at a glance

  • Cost saving by reducing gas consumption
  • Stable gas atmospheres by constant gas dosing
  • Quality improvement of the gas atmosphere
  • Can be used with MFC’s or with proportional valves.
  • Insensitibe to vibrations and changes in position
  • Very good legibility
  • User-friendly

Hier geht es zu den Sauerstomessgeräten der EC900er-Reihe und ZR800er-Reihe.

Inertgas Steuerung Gasmessung Nitrosave

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