CNG Filter housings

CNG filters have been designed for applications with compressed natural gas. The filters are made of SS316L and are weld-free.

Instead of the FKM seals, which are used as standard, also seals made of nitrile, silicon or FFKM can be used.


Filter housings139-1/2″NPT139-SAE8130VP132VP140VP142VP
Connection filter head:1/2″ NPT-iSAE81/4″ NPT-i1/2″ NPT-i1/4″ NPT-i1/2″ NPT-i
Connection filter bowl:1/4″ NPT-iSAE61/4″ NPT-i1/4″ NPT-i1/4″ NPT-i1/4″ NPT-i
Max. operational pressure: *250 bar250 bar400 bar400 bar400 bar400 bar
Max. operational temperature: : **200 °C200 °C200 °C200 °C200 °C200 °C
Length:approx.. 156,5 mmapprox. 156,5 mmapprox.. 163,5 mmca. 163,5 mmca. 227,5 mmca. 227,5 mm
Clearance95 mm95 mm95 mm95 mm95 mm95 mm
Clearance under filter:73 mm (mind.)73 mm (mind.)73 mm (mind.)73 mm (mind.)187 mm (mind.)187 mm (mind.)
Filter element:25-64-XX25-64-XX25-64-XX25-64-XX25-178-XX25-178-XX
dData sheet:-139NPT-139SAE-130VP-132VP-140VP-142VP