Gas mixer

For a homogeneous mixing of two or more gases, the gas mixture is continuously analysed. With help of proportional valves the mixture is fed  in an exact ratio to a background gas. Various analysis methods, e.g. TCD, NDIRE, UV, fuel cells, etc) can be used to analyze the gases to be supplied. The analysis are read out via a PID controller , which controls the proportional valves.

The gases are mixed in a chaos demister and, if necessary, a buffering can be done with an additional volume.

The gas mixer can store internally analogue and limit values and make them available for further processing via a terminal block. In case  toxic or explosive gas mixtures, the interior of the controller can be checked for leaks.


With the gas mixer also contaminated gases can be precleaned and mixed.

Gasmischer Amoniakspaltgas

About gas mixers:

Typical  applications

  • Supply of industrial furnaces
  • Gas mixture of cracked ammoniak gas
  • Semiconductro industry
  • Precial metal processing
  • Central gas supplies
  • Production of test gas
  • Froduction of forming gas
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Benefits at a glance

  • Various gas concentrations adjustable
  • System freely configurable
  • Several gases can be mixed into one mixture
  • Many readable paramers and limit values
  • Self-diagnoses
  • Self-optimizing PID Controller
  • For various flows rates and upstream pressures
  • Various interfaces
  • Controller with touch display
  • Assembly according to customer requirements
  • Analysis in the cabinet or on the system
  • Unser-friendly
Chaos demister

Ensures a homogeneous mixing of gases

CO2 analysis

Quality assurance of the generated gas mixture

Mixture and analysis

can be  separated spatially

PID controller

self-optimizing and free parameterisable

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