Portable Gas analyser


The GasAN-A50 thermal conductivity analyzer (TCD) continuously measures the concentration of gas components in industrial and laboratory application. The thermal conductivity analyzer is installed in a small portable housing with complete evaluation electronics and pump, and depending on configuration as well with rechargeable battery and separate measuring cell.

The principle of measurng thermal conductiity (TCD) is based on the dependence of the termperature of  a heated resistance wire on the thermal conductivity of the gas which is flowing around the wire. The thermal conductivity of the sample gas changes with the change in the gas  omponents. Depending on the thermal conductivity the gas transports more or less tamperatrue from the heating wire to the temperature measurement.

The GasAn-A50 can be used for measurements in corrosive and non-corrosive gases.

Wärmeleitfähigkeitsdetektor GasAn-A50

The gas analyzer can reliably measure different gas concentrations in different background gases. In order to precisely analyze gases with a thermal conductivity detector (TCD) the thermal conductivity of the sample gas must differ significantly from that of the background gases. The GasAn-A50 gas analyzer canbe used with the following gas mixtures, among others:

Measuring data:

largest measuring range:                          0 … 100 % (depending on application)

lowest measuring range:                           0 … 1000 Vol.ppm H2
at suppressed measuring ranges              99 …100%

Sample gas flow:                                         5 … 100 l/h

max. operation pressure                             < 15 bar (in a vacuum error correction is required from approx. 15 mBar abs. approx.

max. gas temperature                                 50°C

pressure drop over the sensor                 0,1 mBar (10 mm WS) at 40 l/h

Sample gases:                                               Standard gases, corrosive gases possible (100val % Cl”)

Explosion  protection                              possible on request

General data:

Operation temperature    +5 … + 55 °C

Storage temperature:       -20 … + 60°C at 0 … 95 % rel. humidity

User Interface                                     Membrane keyboard with 4 soft-key                                                                 buttons and 2 fixed buttons)
LCD Graphic display

Languages:                                            German, English, French

Elektronical data:

Voltage supply:                                             plug-in power supply 24 V/ DC

Power consumption:                                    < 30 VA

Data output:

Analogue output                                   0/4 … 20 mA

Limit values:                                          1 x limit value switch – free parameterizable

Interface:                                                 RS 232

Optional inputs:                                     external RS232
external barcode scanner

Others:    WLAN optional