Exhaust analysis filter (OEM)

Exhaust gas analysis filters are special filters usedin exhaust gas analyzers to ensure the measurement accuracy of exhaust gas tests in motor vehicles and other applications. These filter housings have been especially designed for manufacturers and destributors (OEMs) of exhaust gas analyzers to ensure reliable measurement of emissions. Exhaust analysis filters are designed to filter out particulates and aerosols from the exhaust before they enter the measuring device. Such a filter is of great importance to ensure that the measurements are correct and maintenance effort of the measuring device will only be small. These filter housings combine a coalescence filter with a hydrophobic particle filter. The coalescing filter removes liquid aerosols and condensates, while the particla filter retains solid particles. In contrast to pyrolysis filters, these filters can handle significantly alrger gas loads and by this increase the service life of the filter elements. As a disadvantage, these filters have higher dead volumes and more points that can lead to potential leaks compared to pyrolysis filters. As standard, these filters have 1/8″ NPT-i connections, which allow for easy installation. Other connections for the filter housing are available on request. In addition, these filters are available in dfferent versions to meet the specific requirements of exhaust gas analyzers. Exhaust gas analysis filters are an important part of the exhaust gas analyzers that ensure accurate measurement of emissions. These filter housings combine a coalescing filter with a particle filter and can filter large gas loads to increase the service life of the filter elements and effectively protect the measuring devices. Click here for the pyrolysis and combustions gas filters -F  
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