Adsorption Housing

These absorber housings are refillable cartridges and a cost-effective solution for applications where continuous removal of interfering components from gas or liquids is required. These housings allow the replacement of absorbents or adsorbents to reduce the total cost of ownership. The refillable housings offer the possibility to be adapted to the required volume of the customer and the existing operating conditions.

APM Technik GmbH offers a wide range of refillable absorber housings. Our absorber housings are manufactured from robust and application matched materials and are designed to allow effective removal of contaminants and easy change of adsorbent or absorbent. The housings can be filled with a variety of absorbents or adsorbents such as activated carbon, silica gel or other materials depending on the specific requirements of the application. The housings can be designed with screwed ends or overcaps and fitted with appropriate accessories such as brackets or hose and tube connection fittings.


Technische Daten
Anschluss Innengewinde
1/8″ NPT-i
1/4″ NPT-i
1/2″ NPT-i
100 ml
bis 5000 ml
Maximaler Betreibsdruck:
bis 4 bar
Minimale Betriebstemperatur
Maximale Betriebstemperatur:
65 °C
Material – Dichtung:
Material – Korpus:
PMMA (klar)
Material – Endkappen:
Adsorbergehäuse Adsorber Housing