Sample gas pumps

Diaphragm pumps

The sample gas umps 303 works according to the reliable ???

Injector pumpe - IJP63

The injector pumps IJP63 is a completely wear-free working analysis pump for sample gas delivery. This kind of sample gas pump works with suction. Because of the drive nozzle which works to the injector method, only a small quantity of drive gas is necessary. It is not necessary to provide electrical voltage, as the injector pumpe works completely without current.

Bellows pump P1

The pumps of series P1x are small and very powerful sample gas pumps, which are designed for an installation into analysis cabinet.

Even humid sample gases do not mean any problems for sample gas pumps of series P1.x.

For application  in explosive places a pump version with Atex-certification can be offered.

Bellows pump P2

Sample gas pumps of series P2x are possibly the most used sample gas pumps on the market.

Bellows pump P4

Sample gas pumps of series P4.x have beendesigned for use with two separate gas pathes or for applications where very high delivery rates are required. By this the application of several analysis pumps can be avoided.

These sample gas pumps reach technical peak values of 2×400/h or 2x800l/h. They are designed with two separate pump heads with one motor.

These pumps are operated with 115 or 230V AC at 50/60Hz. Suitable fixing angles are supplied as standard, a valve for a bypass applicaton can be supplied optionally.