Thermal conductivity analyzer


The thermal conductivity  analyzer (TCD) GasAN.TCD reliably measures gas components in different compositions. The TCD can analyse up to 4 remote sensors, also it can measure with a built-in sensor. The version with built-in sensor offers various integrated options, such as filter, pump, flowmeter and needle valve. The TCD offers different interface options. The analyzer is suitable for applicatio in various environments in industry and laboratories. It can be used with highly corrosive gases. The GasAn-TCD offers best measurement accurady and reproducibility. The measuring principle uses a heated resistance wire that is surrounded by the measuring medium. The wire changes the resistance value equivalent to anequilibrium temperature and compares this value with a reference. The easy-to-use menu is available in several languages can be operated via the easy-to-read touch display.

Sample gases

The measuring device reliably determines the concentration of various gases using the TCD princple. The determinability depends on the difference i therma conductivity to the background gases. Gases can be analysed using the following table.

Typical applications

  • laboatories
  • aluminium industry
  • steel industry
  • manufacturing and examination of special gases
  • food industry
  • inert glove boxes
  • semiconductor industry
  • complex  analysis systems
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • thermical afterburnings
  • heat treatment
  • chemical industry

Benefits at a glance

  • Different sample gases can be realised
  • Bypass cell or encapsulated cell
  • Best reproducibility of the readings
  • Maintenance and calibration in Germany
  • Several analogue outputs
  • Several cells can be measured via one analyzer
  • Many Hhardware options
  • Optional interfaces: RS 485 (Master o. Slave, Skip Protocol own protocol), W-LAN, LAN, Modbus, USB, RS 232 (long Distance up to 5 km), printer, relay outputs, etc.
  • optional inputs: Barcode Scanner, RS 232, etc.
  • various languages selectable
  • user-friendly, easy-to-read touch display
Data sheet (German) Data sheet  (English)
Explanation – Thermal conductivity principle