Sintered filters

Sintered filter elements (also sintered filters) are used for the filtraton of liquids. These filter elements can also be applied for special applications, as for example
– gas sampling on furnaces
– gases with irregularly occuring oil fogs
– filters where long lifetime is of utmost importance
– for gas filtration.

Sintered filters can be cleansified in an ultrasonic bath with distilled water and alcohol. As these filters work with depth filtration, the cleansifying cannot be done by 100%.

For segregating bigger quantities of oil fog, drops or aerosoles, glass fibre filters of type -C and -CS are preferrable.

Funktionsweise Gasfilter Partikelabscheidung

Typical sizes

Inner diameter in mm
Associated standard lengths in mm
-17- -32- -57- -97-
-64- -127- -178-
-58- -152-
-89-, -230-, -476-

Do you require another size? Generally all diameters and lengths can be produced.

Filter fineness

Figure in the denomination of the filter element
Maximum permeability for particles
3 μm
10 μm
25 μm
100 μm
250 μm

These are typical permeation sizes. Fitler elements with deviating permeation are available on demand.

Material for filter elements

Sintered filter elements from Teflon stand out by an extremely high chemical stability. At application where 100% pure PTFE is required, these elements can be applied.  These filter elements are suitable up to 200°C.  At applications where PVDF can be used and where 150°C arenot exceeded, glass fibre filter elements of type -K should be applied. Typical filter finenesses for PTFE elements are 3 and 25µm.

Sintered filter elements from PE-HDE are a very favourable alternative to many other sintered materials, they also offer the partly regenerative charakteristics of other sintered filter elements. Filters from PE-HD are preferrably used with filter housings from plastic (polyamide or polypropylene). As standard the PE-HD filters are available in filter finenesses 35, 60, 100 and 250µm

Sintered  filters from stainless steel offer the advantage against filter sieves, that no weldings seams are there as a weak point.  For various applications different kinds of stainless steel are suitable, as for example 1.4404, 1.4571, Hastelloy….

Sintered filter elements from bronze are a cost-saving alternative to  sintered stainless steel. These filter elements are suitable for example in combination with our brass housings for filtration of VE water. Bronze elements can be used from -250!C up to +150°C.

Ceramic sintered filter elements are preferrably used at high temperature applications >400°C. Various ceramic materials allow operative temperatures of up to 1800°C. The proper ceramic material has to be choosen depending on the application and mounting situation.

Filter elements from glass stand out by there excellent stability.  Contrary to filter elements from PTFE, glass is not cold-creeping. Sintered glass is applied for filtration and for bubbling into liquids.