Electrochemical ATEX Oxygen Analyzer EC91

The electrochemical oxygen analyzer EC91 has been designed for application in all hazardous areas. Due to its proven design the analyzer can be operated intrinsically safe and with external sensor even in the EX Zone “0” .

The EC91 can be operated in measuring ranges from 1 ppm …21% oxygen at different background gases. With the correct sensor, even gases as CO2 or H2 do not mean any problem.

The casing is made from a sturdy glass fibre reinforced polyester. The EC91 offers a 4…20mA analogue output.

Sauerstoffanalysator Messgerät eigensicher EC91

Features of the ATEX oxygen analyzer EC91

The oxygen measuring devices of series 900 are equipped with two sensors. These switch to each other to increase the measuring speed and their lifetime.

  • T90: 20 sec(lab test)
  • Resolution: 0,05 % of the scale
  • Inaccuracy at >10ppm: 2% of the reading
  • Inaccuracy at <10ppm:  0,4 ppm approx

The maximum measuring range can be specified via the sensor and can be selected more precisely with the rotary knob on the analyser. The selection of the measuring range determines also the range on the display and the signal range of the analogue output.

Following measuring range are available as standard:

  • 0…20 ppm
  • 0…200 ppm
  • 0…2000ppm
  • 0…2%
  • 0…20%
  • 0…30%

Further measuring ranges on demand.


Th EC91 offers many additional options, as for example:

  • External sensor
  • Electrical ATEX equipment
  • Zero point adjustment system
  • Power adaptor for 230V/AC, 110V/AC and 24V/DC systems
  • Modification to 24V/DC (with loss of ATEX approval)
  • External pump
  • Filters (analysis filter, coalescence filter, prefilter…)
  • Mounting and installation accessories

Typical applications

  • ATEX / EX applications
  • Monitoring of the lower explosion limit
  • Analysis of gas storage
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Fuel gas regulation
  • Adhesive industry
  • Petrochemistry and polychemistry
  • Pyrolysis processes
  • Welding systems
  • Reactors
  • Extraction of fossil fuels


The benefits at a glance

  • Intrinsically safe
  • Suited for all Ex Zones
  • Suited for various background gases
  • Fast response times
  • Large measuring ranges
  • Cost saving by inert gas regulation
  • Maintenance and calibration in Germany
  • Insensitive against vibration and position
  • Easy to operate
  • Analogue output as standard
  • Casing: IP66


Also for EX Zone "0"

Impact resistanct GFK casing (IP66)

Option: External sensor

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