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Analysen Prozess Messtechnik
APM Technik GmbH
Analysen Prozess Messtechnik
APM Technik GmbH
Analysen Prozess Messtechnik
APM Technik GmbH
Analysen Prozess Messtechnik
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Sample gas conditioning

Gas sampling and detonation barriers

Gas sampling, heated lines and accessories

For processes where the gas sampling poses particular challenges and/or the gas in the gas line must not fall below a certain temperature.

Flame resistors / Detonation barriers

To protect processes against flash-through or flashbacks of flames and to comply with guidelines for protecting processes

Gas coolers for sample gas conditioning

Electric Gas Coolers

Elekctric sample gas coolers for reducing the gas dewpoint or the gas temperature. Compressor cooler and Peltier coolers. Als for ATEX and  AMEX applications.

Non-electric gas coolers

Non-electric, maintenance-free coolers work according to the heat exhange principle with liquids orgas. Cascade coolers and spiral tube coolers.

Sample gas pumps and condensate technology for sample gas conditioning

Sample gas pumps

Electrical pumps with bellows or oscillating anchors, as well as non-electric injector pumps which are operated with propellant according to the Venturi effect.

Condensate technology

Disposable condensate membranes and condensate membrances with exchangeable membrane, condensate collecting tanks as well as peristaltic pumps and float condensate drains .

Special heatings, sample gas conditioning and flowmeters for aggressive gases

Special heatings

Heating sleeves and insulating sleeves,  rigid heated sheaths for flowmeters, filters, gas semapling points, pipings, detonations barriers, etc.


Flowmeter with wall mounting brackets for aggressive gases with dosing valve and flow alarm through proximity switch. For example for chlorine gas

About sample gas conditioning