Non-electric cascade cooler and tubular cooler

Cascade cooler, tubular cooler

Our non-electric cascade coolers can be used for cooling of liquids and gases either directly in process or externally. Due to the application of single modules, various layout design are possible. These gas coolers can be used in EX areas and do not need any power supply.

With a direct installation to the sampling point, the often occurring problem of disposing of the condensate that falls out does not apply.

The cooler is operated by supply of cooling water or agaseous cooling medium. Instead of cooling ater a compressed air driven vortex tube cooler can be used.

The cascade cooler can be applied with the following module:

Tube cooler (number of cooling tubes is configurable)

  • Demister (standard for gas application)
  • Condensate vessel
  • Float condensate drain
  • Drain tap
  • Closing valves
  • Temperature control
  • Further modules possible on demand

    For an optimum configuration of the cooler on your system the cooler can be made from the following materials:

  • Stainless steel (1.4571, or others)
  • Hastelloy C
  • Titanum
  • PVDF
  • PPH
  • PVD
  • Other materials possible on demand
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Kaskadenkühler Non Electrical Gas Cooler

Spiral tube cooler, Water cooler

Our spiral tube coolers habe been designed for simple and easy cooling down of gases and liquids in industrial processes and in laboratory applications.

The cooler is operated by applying cooling water or cold air. Our tubular coolers are made from hand-blown glass and can therefore be made to your special demand.

As standard oru tubular coolers are made from borosilicate glass (Duran). On demand other kinds of glasses, or even stainless steel or plastics can be used.

On demand various connections are possible. Various accessorries are available.

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