Condensate technology

Condensate membrane separators

Welded condensate membrane separators

For single use only. Protects system and equipment from a sudden formation of condensate or aerosoles. Often used as a second protection stage after coolers or coalescing filters.

Exchangeable condensate membranes

Condensate membrane separators with exchangeable PTFE-membranes are used in case  of frequent formation of condensate or aerosoles

Condensate trap and filter housing

Platzsparende Kombination aus einer Kondensatsperre mit wechselbarer PTFE-Membran und einem Koaleszenz-Filter zum vorherigen Austragen von Flüssigkeiten. Kann auch mit Partikelfiltern verwendet werden.

Liquid alarm sensor KSD-1

Our condensate controller, consisting of the liquid alarm sensor KSD-1, the flow chamber DGS 18-25-18 and the evaluation unit KFA6-SR2-Ex1.W, has been designed to detect smallest amounts of condensate. The alarm limit can be set via the evaluation unit.

•    Reliable detection of condensate breakthrough or formation
•    Shielded sensor cable
•    3m connection cable
•    Corrosion-resistant design
•    High-quality materials
•    Body from borosilicate glass

In most cases this technology is installed for control of a sample gas pumpe or of solenoid valves.

Please ask for information for accessories for the condensate controller.

The high-grade construction of the sensor and the flowchamber ensure  that the condensate controller is resistant to nearly all media.

Can be supplied as part of an analysis system or even as solo component.


Condensate drainage (peristaltic pump)

D5-GTH The peristaltic umpe D5-GTH is a high-quality condensate pump a and dosing with stepper motor drive for removing produced condensate and for dosing liquid media in industrial applications. The built-in high quality materials ensure a long lifetime fo the pump. Quantities from0.5 ml/h…2400 ml/h can be dosed with the available tubing sizes. The pumpe offers two operation modes: Mode 1 works with the spee which is set on the potentiometer/ slide switch. A release contact for a potention-free closer can be used for external control and/or surveillance of the container. Mode 2 works that way that the pump reacts to imulses generated from a closing contact at the control input. A range from 0.01 rev/pulse … 1 rev/pulse can be set with the potentiometer/slide switch.
Schlauchpumpe Kondensatpumpe Dosierpumpe

Condensate discharge (condensate drain)


The automatic float drain 11LD18 is used for automatic discharge of condensate or other liquids. The condensate drain is self-sealing against gases, it only opens the way for disposal if condensate has formed in the system. By this a too large dead volume is prevented and the systems is protected against ingress of interfering or contaminating gases.

The automatic condensate drain is maintenance-free. Compressed air, pump or power connection are not required for condensate drain when  using the 11LF18.

Schwimmerableiter Kondensat

Condensate discharge into condensate vessel


The condensate collector GS1 is extremely corrosion-resistant. It is highly recommendable for application in aggressive environments.

The GS1 is free configurable  and up to 4 connection can be implemented. Als a vent and filling level control can be mounted. Volume is configurable frm <200ml …>50l.

As standard the GS1 comes with two connection, 1 liter volume, drain cock and a wall mounting bracket.

Up to 8 connections are possible.



Kondensatsammelbehälter Glas


The Kon-SK10 condensate collector has been designed for use behind a condensate pumpe or a float drain.

With a volume of 10 liters, the vessel  needs to be emptied less often.

The number of hose/pipe connections in the cover are free selectable. The Kon-SK10 can be equipped with an adjustable level sensor.

The stable, thick-walled design of the vessel makes it very sturdy and resistant to most acids and alkalis.

The condensate collection vessel has a drain cock wich is exchangeable against the outlet nozzle supplied. For easy transport the vessel has a carrying handle.


Kondensatsammler mit Schwimmerschalter