Ambient air monitoring (oxygen deficiency) - EC9031

Raumluftanalyse Sauerstoff

The electrochemical analyzer EC9031 has been designed for monitoring  the oxygen level  in closed rooms. The oxygen level is continuously observed. An alarm contact will be activated in case the limit value is fallen below.

The EC96 offers protection to human beings and animals. It can be integrated in alarm systems by limit switches.

The glass-fibre reinforced polyester casing offers a very high impact strength and is resistant against oils, acids and bases. Because of this sturdy casing, the analyzer can even be operated under most harshest conditions (IP67/Nema4X)

Sensor and electronics can be mounted with a spatial distance to each other, in order to enable measuring at places difficult to access.

Ambient air analyzer EC9031 - properties

Oxygen deficiency in the breathing air does not mean fun at all!

Severe consequences can follow quickly.

  • 20,9 % – Normal oxygen level of ambient air
  • 20,8…18,0 % – Persons concerned do not notice any symptoms, can only be measured in laboratory tests
  • 17,9…15,0 % – Unnoticed for the persons concerned, physical and mental efficiency reduce rapidly. Difficult for those persons to assess risks.
  • 14,9…11,0 % – Physical and mental efficiency is falling rapidly. Physical efforts become more and more difficult. Serious brain damages are very possible.
  • 10,9…8,0 %DANGER TO LIFE!!! Blackout after some minutes only. Longer oxygen deficiency means risk of  lasting damages.
  • 7,9…6,0 %DANGER TO LIFE!!! Blackout after very short time. Risk of lasting harms increases drastically. Reanimations are nearly impossible.
  • < 6,0 %DANGER TO LIFE!!! Immediate blackout can occurr very quickly without any indicators.

Task: Monitoring of oxygen in closed rooms.

Fields of application: Workplaces near gas pipes, inert storages, animal keeping, and much more.

  • Touch display
  • Long lifetime of the sensor (5 years)
  • No pump required
  • Calibration on ambient air – no bottled gas required
  • Sensor and electronics can be mounted at separate locations
  • Extremely precise measuring
  • Fast response time
  • Sturdy casing
  • Mainenance and service in Germany
  • Insensitive against vibrations and changes of position
  • Easy to install and to operate
  • Data logging
  • Can be integrated in alarm systems

The analyzer is supplied in standard configuration. The standad accessories include the measuring cell with holder, a 10m cable for conncting the sensor and analyzer, a memory stick and a 5V PSU.

Alternatively other cable lengths such as 10, 15 20 or 30 m can be supplied.

Sauerstoff Raumluft Messgerät