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Filter housings

Filter housings are the components into which the filter elements are inserted. Their basic model, material, seals and connections determine the application range of the filter, what is based on the process data.

T-Filter housing

This housing form offers the possibility to receive filters with different filter surfaces. Filter elements can be exchanged easily. T-housings can also be used as coalescence filters.

Fast Loop Housing

Fast loop filters are liquid filters, due to their design they are selb-cleaning.

These filters can be used as bypass filters for gases. The self-cleaning works extremely well in liquids.

Bayonette housing

Bayonet housings are particularly suitable at places which are hot or which are difficult to access. The bayonet lock enables a very easy opening of the housing. Bayonet filters can be heated by means of a heating element or  a heating sleeve.

Backup housings

Backup filters (also inline filters) are often used as safety filters in order to prevent off-times or damages due to failure of the primary filter. They are very space-saving and well suited for built-up areas.

Special housing

Pyrolysis filter

Exhaust gas analysis filter

Vacuum pump filter

Filter elements

Filter elements are the real filters. The type of filter element decides which contaminent will  be filtered out in which medium. The right filter element will be selected based on the process for which it is used.

Glass fibre

Depth fitler for single use

E-type - standard

S-type - up to 500°C

Filter sieves

Easy-to-clean filter elements made from 1.4404 or Hastelloy for liquid and gas filtration

Plastic sieves on demand

Sinter filters

Depth filter, which can be recycled to a limited extent, made from PTFE, stainless steel, bronze, ceramics or glass. Sinter filters can also separate coarse aerosols from gases.



These elements clean gases from dust pollution and contaminants to be absorbed. By this they combine glass fibre elements with absorbers.

Support cores

To support glass fibre elements or thin-layer filter sieves at too high pressures and pressure shocks, which may lead to a filter fracture.

Disposable filter, absorbers and washers

Encapsulated filters or absorbers are cheap disposable solutions for single use. Absorber housings, absorger fillings and washing bottles offer another possibility to dispose different contaminants.

Encapsulated filters

Encapsulated filters in covers of nylon or PVDF with glass fibre filter elements. Also suitable for coalescence filtration.

Encapsulated Absorbers

Encapsulated absorbers for removal of contaminants. Cover of nylon or PVDF. Various connections possible.

Absorber housing

To absorb big quantities of contaminants. The filling will be determined specifically to the application.

Absorber filling

Various absorbers and mixtures for filling of absorber housings or filter housings.

Washing bottles

To wash out water-based (oil-based,...) components out of gases or for dewpoint increase

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