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Peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pump D5-GTH

The peristaltic pump D5-GTH is a high quality dosing system with stepper motor drive for the dosing of fluids for industrial applications.

The available pump tube dimensions allow the dosing of flow rates from 0.5 ml/h up to 2400 ml/h.

The pump offers two various operation modes:    

  1. Operation mode 1: Revolution speed is set with the potentiometer resp. with the slide switch. A release contact for a potential-free closing contact can be used for external control and/or observation of the container.
  2. Operation mode 2: The peristaltic pump responses to pulses of a closing contact at the control input. With help of the potentiometer/slide switch a range of 0.01 rev/pulse up to 1 rev/pulse can be set.

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