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Drain Vessels & Catch Pots

Catch Pots

A major problem in many gas sample systems is the presence of large quantities of condensed liquid.

In particular, for applications under a negative pressure where automatic condensate drains cannot be used.

A common solution to this problem is the installation of a catch pot immediately before the filter.

Many Headline filter housings can be converted into catch pots, those with transparent bowls being especially suitable,

as they allow continuous monitoring of the liquid level.

To order catch pots simply add CP to the housing code.

Drain Vessels

Another method to collect large quantities of liquid for applications under negative pressure, is to add a drain at the drain port

of a filter housing.

The drain vessels DV127G, DV137G and DV147G have valves at each end of the drain vessel which will allow liquid

to be isolated from the system and drained.

drain vessels & catch pots

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